OMG I hate blogging. I hate that we have to do it to remain in some sort of algorithm for the web to even recognize that we exist. It goes the same for social media. Tonight I paid for an ad that I honestly couldn’t afford, hoping to once again gain some sort of traffic to my page. Targeted the audience…and yet, it seemed to only attract random accounts from different parts of the world that would absolutely not hire me for a family photo session. So, what gives? Why write a random rant on my own personal photography website when the chance of anyone reading it is almost at 2 percent?

It is a well known fact that in any industry, you have to stand out in order to be successful. Even with the obscene number of photographers out there, I absolutely believe there is a client for everyone. However, reaching that client has become more and more of a challenge with the increase of people wanting to educate others in our field for likes and views rather than educating our potential clients.

So how have I decided to stand out from others? I haven’t. I just decided tonight will be the beginning of me ranting about absolutely nothing and everything in my blog section to hopefully reach my people. Because isn’t the whole purpose of the internet to gain knowledge and potentially create some sort of human connection?

That’s my goal. Oh, and to create pretty pictures your family can have to remember for ever and ever. Which you can book to create with me here:

mmmk bye.


Seattle Family Photographer

OH, and also? I created a new merch page with my random 2am ADHD creations lol enjoy!