One of my beautiful and amazing nieces is getting married, to this incredible young man.  I remember holding M as a baby for the first time right after her mama had her.  I remember watching M toddle around while camping in Cle Elum, and I’m 99% sure it was her who would back up whenever someone did the “beep beep” sound like a truck in reverse.  Just walking around backwards in circles…. As the years have passed, I’ve watched her excel in school in Mercer Island and in California and be an amazing fastpitch player.  She’s also probably one of the best babysitters/nanny’s I know (a close tie with her sister), and I’ve watched her grow into this amazing, incredible human. And I am so grateful.  I am honored to have gotten to photograph her and her fiancé J (another incredible human) at the beginning of this wonderful new phase in their lives.  Congratulations you two!! I am going to cry so hard at your wedding! You are both so, so loved.

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