About Me

I am a Seattle Area Photographer living in Hobart Washington and a single, stay at home mom to two wild, feral, nature loving kids.

I am most passionate about adventure photography and outdoor lifestyle family photography, capturing emotion, fun and joy during my sessions, as well as in the wild. I practice leave no trace principles and guide my clients towards them as well.

I strive to show and capture movement and emotion in photos. I lean more towards a lifestyle approach, playing games, running around, having a parent toss their youngest child in the air, or cuddling up close to your partner and enjoying our time together to distract from hearing and noticing a camera in their face. My goal is to have a more relaxed feel, to let kids explore their surroundings or follow you around while you hold hands with your partner. I love to approach the session with a calm more laid back feel to it, so nobody is stressed and we can have an enjoyable experience together.

Have a favorite park? Do you have a special secret spot on the beach? Let’s go.

My Style

For family photos, I take a lifestyle approach because that’s what parenting is. Kids don’t like to sit still, they want to run and play and jump and do what kids do. Kids are loud and fun and having them be that way during our session, helps to bring out who they really are. Rather than standing for photos in one place where everyone starts getting angry and frustrated, I like to move them and have you play. Being a parent is hard, fun and can be trying at times, so letting them be who they are for the session, will also show up in the photos.

Seattle Adventure Photographer, Hiking with kids, Ashley Scheider
Seattle Family Photographer
For newborn sessions, I come to your home. Having a new baby is A LOT. Adjusting to a new routine and schedule is hard, and getting ready for a session with a newborn can be incredibly stressful. By me coming into your home, you’re able to be in a comfortable place where if the baby has a blow out, or you have to pump or feed and haven’t gotten it down yet…whatever the reason. It’s much easier being in the comfort of your own home and capturing your new life adventure so you’re able to relax and enjoy it.

Why Photography

I started my photography journey back in high school but had since taken a VERY long break due to life (cameras are expensive y’all, let’s be real) and other careers. I had found my passion again after my first child was born. Newborn photos were about the same price as a brand new camera, “I could totally do that” I thought, when looking at photos of perfect little newborn squishes posed so eloquently.

Boy, was I wrong. However, that didn’t stop my pursuit for a passion and career that supports the three of us today. I dove deep into perfecting my trade and developed a style that I truly feel is unique amongst a sea of photographers.

How My "Adventure Photography" Journey Began

I had started taking photos of my son and I on our hiking adventures, along with photos of my friends when he was just 6 months old.

I found it exhilarating!!

I was taking photos of incredibly strong women, mothers. Who, yet utterly exhausted (me… that was me ), were brave and facing the day. Some who were faced with post partum depression, were still out hiking and immersing themselves and their children in nature.

But it wasn’t only that. It was capturing all of us learning to grasp and define our paths in becoming “mom”.

We carried our children up mountains, through fields, forests and waterfalls all while laughing, crying, comforting and listening. I brought my camera along to capture these moments for myself and for my friends, to give them something to remember as we navigated our way through motherhood together.

It is there, in nature, where my creativity and passion started to take hold.

My Involvement in Non-Profit Organizations

Hike it baby had found me when I was just starting to get the hang of my camera.

They took me on as their first photographer, where I remained as their original and grew and worked incredibly hard for 3.5 years as a volunteer. From there, we moved from Oregon back to Washington and my involvement dwindled as more and more local photographers were able to provide them with the content they needed at an International level.

After my second was born, I resigned with Hike it Baby, and found Adventure Mamas Initiative where I was a PNW Regional coordinator for a year, and currently still one of their photographers when I am able. They’re an incredible organization, dedicated to maternal health and wellness and are filled with just a bunch of badass women who I continue to look up to daily.

You will almost always find me outside, and with that comes a huge responsibility.

I am a major advocate for the Leave No Trace Principles, especially when it comes to wild flowers and preserving the areas where I photograph families.

Finding my passion for photography while meeting , hiking, exploring and spending time with new friends and their families in the outdoors has been an incredible and humbling journey.
I am honored you would consider me to photograph your family or your life adventure.

I hope to see you on the trails!